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Hair Extensions

Extensions are a great way to add length, density and pops of color to your natural hair without chemically altering your hair. I exclusively work with BELLAMI Professional and offer their Tape-ins, I-tips, K-tips, Wefts, Clip-ins. I also work with HaloCouture and Tinsel. Below is a breakdown of each method.​

  *An in person Consultation is REQUIRED for all hair purchases and quotes.

 A consult is needed to determine:

-which method is best for your lifestyle,

-what length,

-what texture,

-how much hair is needed,

-what colors are needed to blend.

I offer 6 different methods, over 6 different lengths, and over 65 colors. It's impossible to give you an accurate quote without an in person consult first. As extensions aren't a one size fits all. All quotes are valid for 4 months and are subject to change based on color and haircut changes.

Already have Professional quality extensions installed and need someone to maintenance them? I would love to help you! I do require a reapplication for all extensions I haven't initially installed. I do this to insure I can guarantee my work, and making sure your hair and scalp are healthy!

*Please note all pricing info below is based on average starting pricing for shortest lengths available and will increase based on longer lengths, amount of hair needed and hybrid options.*


Description: Small wefts of hair that use medical grade adhesive to stick together with a veil of natural hair between the wefts. Tapes are ideal for all hair types, and can provide a lot of density quick. The hair is reusable for 6-8 months. Lengths available: 14-24 inches
*Starting price includes hair, install, blending haircut and style*
Fullness: $448+
Length: $1,094+
Maintenance 4-8 weeks: $125-350 for reapplication


Description: Individual clusters of hair that are applied to clients hair by using a heating tool to fuse keratin/silicone tip to clients hair. This method is the lightest weight available, allows for complete movement, very undetectable and great for all hair types. K-tips don't require any maintenance and last 3-4 months. The hair is NOT reusable. Lengths available:16-24 inches.
*Starting price includes hair, install, cut to blend and style*
Fullness: $540+
Length: $1,200+
Maintenance: Reapplication every 3-4 months.


Description: Individual extensions attached to clients hair with a copper bead. These are ideal for most hair types and provide maximum mobility, and are great for clients that wear their hair up often. The hair is reusable for 8-10 months. Micro options are available. Lengths available:16-24 inches.
*Starting price includes hair, install, cut to blend and style*
Fullness: $520+
Maintenance: 4-6 weeks: $50-225
Re-application: required after 1-2 maintenance appointments $75-425


Description: Weft of hair attached to natural hair by using beads as anchors and nylon thread for security. Ideal for most hair types looking for lots of density and low maintenance. Hair is reusable for 8-10 months. Machine(Volume), Flex, Infinity (Genius)  and Hand Tied wefts are available.  Lengths available:14-24 inches.
*Starting price includes hair, install, cut to blend and style.
Fullness:$ 475+
Length: $ 810+
Maintenance: 4-8 weeks $50-100
Re-application: required after 1-2 maintenance appointments $125-425


DescriptionBellami Clip-in hair extensions are removable wefts that clip into your natural hair. They are made of 100% Remy human hair and are perfect for someone who doesn't want maintenance. They can be worn daily or for special occasions. They are available in multiple styles, and colors. Lengths available 16-26 inches.
Volumizer: $65+
Lace Wefts: $170+
Silk Seams: $190+
Clip-in cut & style $50+

Other Extension Services

* Individual filler extensions start at $6 each

*Tinsel $10 per 1 gram

*Bellami Scalp Detox Treatment & Blowout $70

* Custom coloring starts at $35 per 25 grams

*Custom perming starts at $100

* Removal is $100 per hour (pro rated)

* Matting removal $125 per hour (pro rated)

* Custom Lengths 26-40 inches can be ordered

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