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Below are some of my most commonly asked questions. Please reach out if you have a question not mentioned.




Why do I have to put down a retainer to book an appointment?

This is an insurance policy for my time and proves guests are serious about the desired services.


I know you said no Kids under 10; but my child is well behaved, can I bring them?

Unfortunately no, I have sharp tools and chemicals that could potentially be harmful to younger children in my studio. I want your appointment to be a relaxing experience and this need not be a concern for either of us. So therefore, I ask that you find child care elsewhere during your appointment.


Why don’t you work Weekends?

I am an Educator and travel on Saturdays; to be able to teach Sundays and Mondays several times a month. I also want to spend quality time with my family on weekends when I’m not teaching.

Do you offer discounts?

I offer a 5% discount for active duty, spouses, guard and veterans with proof of valid ID. This discount can be used towards all haircuts/color/chemical services. Discount does NOT apply to hair extension services. This discount can't be stacked with any other promotional offers and can't be used for extended family or friends.


I also offer referral discounts. For every guest you refer, after their appointment you will receive 10% off of your next appointment. 

Color & Blonding:


I heard dirty hair colors better; is that true?

No. Body oils, sweat and products build up on the hair and cause uneven porosity. The color or lightener has to process through that buildup before it can open the cuticle to change your hair color. This will take longer to process and can cause uneven color deposit or early color fading.


Should I come in with clean hair for my appointment?

Yes, please wash/clarify your hair 24 hours before your appointment.


How long should I wait to wash my hair after coloring or lightening my hair?

It’s recommended to wait 48 hours after your appointment to wash your hair. This time allows the color to settle and the cuticle to close back down. This will help prolong your color retention.

Can I bring my own color?

No, I strictly use Paul Mitchell color and am experienced across the brand. All color lines are formulated differently and being unfamiliar can cause unpredictable results. 



Why do I have to come in for a consultation for an extension quote?

I offer six different methods, six length options and over 65 color choices. Extensions aren’t a one size fits all, so being able to see your natural hair density, discuss your goals, discussing maintenance requirements and checking your scalp health to know how much hair is needed are crucial to give you an accurate quote.


Why do you charge for consultations?

Unfortunately, I’ve had guests not show up to consults when they were complementary. That thirty minute slot could have been given to another guest who respected my time. My time is very valuable to me and I don’t make an income if guests choose to no show.


Can I just have a ballpark quote to see if I’m wasting my time booking a consultation?

As mentioned, extensions aren’t one size fits all. However, my most common quotes range $300-2,500.


Do you charge for individual pieces of extensions for pops of color or to fill in a specific area?

Yes, I charge by individual piece based on the extension length. 


Can I bring my own hair extensions and just pay you to install them?

No, I work exclusively with Bellami Professional. They are truly the best hair quality I’ve ever worked with and this allows me to guarantee my work.


I already have Bellami Hair Extensions, do I have to buy new hair to book a maintenance appointment?

No, if you currently have Bellami hair; I only require a reapplication of the extensions.


Why do you require a reapplication if I already have extensions installed from another stylist?

Unfortunately, not all stylists are trained/certified equally. Therefore, I have found I almost always had to do a reapplication because the extensions were installed wrong or were too grown out. I want to be able to guarantee my work, and a reapplication allows me to do that.


Can I do a payment plan for Extensions?

I require a 50% retainer to be paid two weeks prior to the scheduled installation appointment. The remaining balance is due the day of service. You can choose to make multiple payments if desired, as long as the retainer is paid 2 weeks before appointment. The entire payment must be paid in full the day of service.

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